Upcoming Android 15 to Enable Seamless Audio Sharing with Nearby Devices

In an effort to enhance the collective listening experience, Android 15 is gearing up to introduce a dedicated “audio sharing” page, anticipating the rise of devices supporting Auracast—a feature of the Bluetooth LE Audio standard. Auracast addresses the challenge of sharing audio seamlessly with nearby devices, eliminating the need for cumbersome pairing processes.

While Auracast was introduced more than a year ago, its adoption has been limited due to the scarcity of compatible headsets in the market. However, the landscape is expected to change in 2024, as accessory manufacturers are poised to release new products supporting Auracast, aligning with the increasing compatibility of most smartphones with this feature.

The upcoming Android 15 release aims to facilitate audio sharing by providing a dedicated page within the Settings menu. This page will empower users to effortlessly share or connect to nearby LE Audio streams, enhancing the usability of the Auracast feature. It’s important to note that both the broadcasting and receiving devices must support Auracast for this functionality to work seamlessly.

An analysis of the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3 release through an APK teardown has revealed strings within the Settings app related to audio sharing. The identified strings outline the components of the audio sharing page, including a toggle switch for enabling audio sharing, a QR code scanning button for connecting to nearby audio streams, a button to select the desired Bluetooth device for listening, and a section listing available nearby audio streams.

This dedicated audio sharing page is expected to be accessible through Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences, providing users with a centralized hub for managing their audio sharing preferences. Although the feature is identified in the code, its actual implementation and availability to the public may be subject to change as development progresses.

While the official release of Android 15 is yet to occur, the proactive inclusion of an audio sharing page signals Google’s commitment to improving and expanding the audio-sharing capabilities of Android devices. As the market witnesses the release of more Auracast-compatible products, Android users can anticipate a more seamless and convenient audio-sharing experience in the near future.