Apple Set to Bolster iOS 18 with a More Powerful Alternative to OneNote

Apple is reportedly developing a comprehensive overhaul of its Notes app, which will not only allow users to scan documents and save photos and text, but will also integrate voice memos and mathematical functions, enhancing its utility across all Apple devices.

Rumours have been circulating for months suggesting that iOS 18 will be one of the most significant updates in iPhone history, especially for newer models such as the iPhone 15, which retails at approximately 800 euros on Amazon. These models are expected to feature a range of new AI capabilities. According to AppleInsider, a key part of this update is a fundamental redesign of the popular Notes app, aimed at competing more effectively with Microsoft’s OneNote.

Currently, the app already allows users to save text, photos, and screenshots, and to scan documents using the iPhone’s camera. With iOS 18, the Voice Memos app will be integrated into Notes, enabling users to start an audio recording with the press of a button. This recording can then be directly placed in a note, along with other content such as text describing the audio. This integration will automatically synchronise across all compatible iPhones, iPads, and Macs running iOS 18 or macOS 15, via iCloud. The user interface for this feature is expected to undergo minimal changes from Apple’s existing Voice Memos app.

Furthermore, Apple is developing a feature called “Math Notes,” which will incorporate the Calculator app directly into Notes. While the exact capabilities of this feature are not yet disclosed, it is anticipated that the Notes app will be able to recognise and calculate mathematical formulas, a functionality already available in Microsoft OneNote. More details about the revamped Notes app and other updates included in iOS 18 are expected to be revealed at the WWDC keynote on June 10.