Google Launches “Find My Device” Network in Germany

Lost Devices to be Easily Located with Android

Google has launched its “Find My Device” network in Germany, making it easier to locate lost Android devices. The new feature allows users to find their misplaced items more efficiently through crowdsourcing.

Android users will now be able to track their misplaced keys or phones with greater ease. Google has introduced a feature in its mobile operating system that uses crowdsourcing to help locate devices. The option, known as “Find My Device,” is now available in Germany.

Users should have received a notification on their phones about becoming part of the service. In the “Find My Device” settings on their smartphones, they can choose permissions for this function, including the ability to locate offline devices.

“If you do not wish to participate in the ‘Find My Device’ network or want to locate your own items offline, you can completely disable these offline search features,” Google explained in a blog post about the function.

Headphones Can Also Be Located

Through crowdsourcing, the tablets and smartphones of other users are utilised to find nearby devices. Misplaced or lost items such as phones, tablets, or tracking chips can be detected via Bluetooth, even if they are offline. In the future, headphones will also be locatable through the “Find My Device” network.

As announced by Google in April, Bluetooth trackers specifically designed for the “Find My Device” network by manufacturers Chipolo and Pebblebee are expected to be available in May. These trackers can help locate everyday items such as keys, wallets, or luggage. Later, tracking chips from Eufy, Jio, and Motorola are also expected to join the network.